EU threat to our national security

The former leader of the Conservative Party, Michael Howard, spoke last night about the impact the EU has on our national security. The speech, written before yesterday’s appalling attacks in Brussels, outlined how much control we have handed over to the EU.

The European Commission and the European Court now control how we find and fight terrorists. Unelected EU judges also prevent us from removing criminals who assist terrorists.

As the former Home Secretary Lord Howard said in his speech, the EU ‘is a flawed and failing project which is making many of its inhabitants poorer than they should or need be and is failing to keep its people safe.

‘The first is a consequence of the euro which has an exchange rate far too high for the crippled economies of southern Europe – though, because it is lower than the Deutschmark would have been, helps to make Germany’s exports competitive.

‘The second is a consequence of the Schengen agreement which, according to the former head of Interpol, is like hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe.

‘These two projects … are seen by many leaders of the EU as the crown jewels of the new Europe. But both are creaking. The cracks are widening. The very future of the EU is uncertain. So staying in is as much a leap in the dark as leaving.’

That’s why the safer option is to Vote Leave and take back control on 23 June


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