The Government will spend YOUR money on its pro-EU propaganda

The Government announced last night that it is going to spend more than £9 million of taxpayers’ money sending out a glossy 16-page leaflet to every home in the UK telling us we should stay in the EU. This is a direct breach of a promise they made in Parliament.

Campaign spending in the referendum will now be massively slanted in favour of the Remain campaign. Added together, the official IN campaign, the Government, and the political parties on the Remain side can spend a staggering £26.6 million.

On the Leave side, the maximum amount we can spend is £11.7 million – two and a half times less.

The Government knows it is losing the argument, so now they are trying to skew the debate – using misleading facts, discredited arguments, and more than £9 million of YOUR money.

We already send more than £350 million to Brussels every week – why should we be made to hand over more of our taxes to fund Government propaganda? We should spend our money on our priorities, like the NHS.

This shows what we are up against. The Government, the Establishment, and their big business backers all want us to stay in the EU at any cost. The IN campaign is being funded by US investment banks who crippled our economy – while ordinary companies of all sizes know that the EU makes it harder for them to run their businesses and create jobs.

If you are unhappy that the Government is spending your hard-earned money to deliver pro-EU leaflets to your door, why not write to your MP or local paper? We’d be happy to help with any tips and advice of how to do this. Just email


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