Faringdon War Memorial Trust

Report for Faringdon Town Meeting

It has been a productive year for the Faringdon War Memorial Trust. Bookings for both regular and one- off events in the Old Town Hall have been consistent, and have included exhibitions, meetings, training sessions and social functions. Additionally the FWMT also supported Follyfest and Festive Faringdon.

We held a ‘getting to know your councillor’ session in the Market Place in February 2016. We spoke to residents about their memories of the building, and what it used to be like, including in its previous incarnations, such as being the fire station.  We sought residents’ opinions on the colour of the memorial and gathered ideas for the possible renovations. There were some great ideas ranging from murals under the open section of the building as well as maintaining a fixed exhibition inside.  The information gathered assisted us in putting together a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant to cover the costs of renovating the war memorial. This is presently on going and we will we will endeavour to keep the residents updated as to how this progresses.

Forward-looking: the Old Town Hall will be used for the Faringdon Business Expo in July, promoting local businesses, and for the Remembrance Day exhibition in November, as well as for regular bookings and one- off events.


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