UK in a strong position to strike a US trade deal

President Obama rounded off his trip to back the David Cameron’s IN campaign by warning that any UK/US trade deal could take up to a decade to complete. However, the evidence suggests otherwise.

The US signed major free trade agreements with Canada and Australia in under 2 years. Conversely, we have been a member of the EU for over 40 years yet Brussels has failed to strike a deal with the US. Further, the US has signed bilateral agreements with 20 countries – all with smaller economies than the UK’s – which contradicts Obama’s claim that they are only looking to deal with trading blocs.

The UK is a major export market for the US, with nearly $120 billion of American goods and services entering the UK market. As the fifth largest economy in the world, we are in a strong position to negotiate a deal to benefit both UK and US businesses after we Vote Leave on 23 June.


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