UK faces shock EU bill

Hard pressed UK taxpayers will face a triple financial whammy from the EU to pay for euro bailouts, a higher EU budget and an extra £2.4 billion bill soon after the referendum.  David Cameron’s deal did nothing to protect us from these three dangers, and it will be the European Court which will be in charge of deciding any disputes over our bills and over Cameron’s deal.

The Prime Minister didn’t achieve any Treaty change during the renegotiation, which means the EU can still force the UK to contribute to euro bailouts. With the eurozone in crisis and showing no sign of improvement, there is an ever growing danger that the EU will demand money from the UK to bail out its failing economies, meaning higher taxes for British families.

The EU has also made clear that it will increase its budget. Indeed, Jean-Claude Juncker has said that ‘extraordinary measures require extraordinary funding’. On top of this, there is a £20 billion black hole in their finances. Given the UK’s contribution to the EU budget, we will face a £2.4 billion bill to cover this cost. The EU has made it clear it urgently needs to raise the cash to pay for its financial mismanagement, but not so urgently that it will announce it before the referendum

If we vote to stay in the EU we will be forced to hand over even more money to Brussels. After we Vote Leave we can stop paying for the failures of the eurozone, take back control of our money and spend it on our priorities like the NHS.


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