EU law prevents us deporting dangerous criminals

Vote Leave has published a dossier today identifying 50 EU nationals from countries who, despite being found guilty of a range of serious offences, can’t be deported because of our membership of the EU. This puts British families at risk and squanders UK taxpayers’ money on keeping them in prison.

EU free movement of people gives priority to criminals over law abiding British citizens and the Government’s renegotiation has done nothing to change this situation. Five more countries are queuing up to join the EU with a combined population of over 80 million including Turkey, Serbia and Albania. Even the Home Secretary Theresa May questioned whether it’s right to allow these countries to join because they have serious problems with organised crime, corruption and terrorism.

We can deport criminals from countries outside the EU if they serve sentences of over a year, but the rules for EU criminals in the UK are much weaker. After we Vote Leave on 23 June, we can change this unfair system and take back control of our borders, deport more dangerous criminals and strengthen public protection.


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