The left case for Brexit

Labour Leave has defied Jeremy Corbyn and other members of the leadership who have tried to close down debate in Labour by giving party supporters the true picture of how the “undemocratic” EU is suppressing wages and handing power to big corporations.

The movie was a humiliating blow to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown who led the latest attempts to scare party supporters into backing Remain.

Mr Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2007 which gave away many of Britain’s freedoms and committed the country to an EU Army.

He also failed to give voters a promised referendum on the treaty because polls suggested the country would have rejected it.

Lexit the Movie was crowd-funded by 300 backers who raised £13,500 with the film itself costing £6,000.

The final funding push was helped by the Daily Express online which put out the appeal from Labour Leave.

Oliver Huitson, the spokesman for Labour Leave said: “We went all round the country, in one week we went to Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Hull, Grimsby, Leeds, Manchester, Aberdeen, Peterhead, Plymouth and Looe.

“In some of these places, like Grimsby, we didn’t encounter one person for Remain.”

Included in the Lexit Movie are interviews with Labour MP Kate Hoey, former SNP Deputy Leader Jim Sillars, former Respect MP George Galloway, former SDP leader Lord Owen and leading trade unionists all in favour of a Brexit.

Mr Huitson said: “I had never shot any video until last month, and my colleague Jordan is no film maker either, but he did a superb job on the animations and bringing the film together.

“We’d like to think, given all the constraints of time and money, we did a good job.

“To put it in context, we took 2 weeks and £6,000.

“Brexit the Movie took 9 months and £500,000, so we hope its rough edges will be forgiven, and we hope viewers like it!”


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