Conservative Leadership

Over the past few days conservatives will have been trying to figure out, if their mind was not already made up, who to support in the race for leadership of the Conservative Party.

The only three who look like real contenders are:

  • Andrea Leadsom
  • Theresa May
  • Michael Gove

Theresa May

It is hard to see, regardless of the immediate traction she had, that Theresa May will be the next leader of the conservative party. This is down to the fact that ‘Brexit’ is happening. There is a clear democratic mandate for Britain’s will to leave the European Union. Theresa May probably was a closeted ‘brexiteer’ who was hedging her bets that remain would win and wanted to be on the winning side. This is bad for a variety of reasons, however, two stand out above the rest.

  1. Her heart is not in ‘Brexit’ – When leaving the EU we need someone to steer negotiations who understands why people voted to leave and what people want Britain to be outside of the EU.
  2. She has a lack of conviction. If she couldn’t stand up for what she believes in then no one should support her for leader of the Conservatives and in turn our PM.

Furthering the first point, Theresa May as Home Secretary will be held accountable for not having a stronger impact on the UK’s ability to deport dangerous criminals and reducing immigration.

Michael Gove

We all saw Gove’s bid for leadership coming. Regardless of how much he protested it would happen. Andrew Neil has jibed at him ‘the lady doth protest too much’ and this seems like an accurate assessment.

Now with his bid trumping Boris Johnson’s he has seen off a favourite for the race. Boris, although divisive in the conservative party, is an MP that people can understand and enjoy listening to. He knows how to run a campaign and has a proven record with the people of London.

What Gove has got going for him that Theresa May doesn’t is that he is a ‘brexiteer’. He has been a lead figure in the campaign from the beginning and understands British people’s concerns about immigration and its strain on our services.

Andrea Leadsom

This is a candidate for the party and the people. Calm and collected throughout the campaign she is a strong ‘brexiteer’ with a great understanding of leave voters concerns.

Andrea has campaigned passionately for the UK to leave the EU. She also set up Fresh Start Project as a euro-sceptic lobbying group, which has developed proposals for a UK’less European Union. Andrea has had a clear vision from the start of the campaign and has on the whole not lowered herself to the scaremongering of the remain side.

Leadsom has quickly become the second favourite in the campaign after May. Something that may give her a boost is how much George Osborne dislikes her. This could give her a boost for a few reasons but the following is the one which I like the most. Labour supporters joining the conservative party just to vote probably dislike George Osborne and as such might see the enemy of their enemy as their friend.

Further to all the above, she would be a splendid powerful female leader in the world. Something we need more in today’s society, a mothers voice is always welcome.


As you can probably tell from above I support Andrea Leadsom for leader of the Conservative Party. We shall see how things progress and I look forward to the result.

Source: Conservative Leadership


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