VIDEO: Andrea Leadsom makes PM bid

ANDREA Leadsom this morning promised to take freedom back from Brussels for the British people as she delivered a punchy pitch to be the next Prime Minister laced with idealism and optimism.

The prominent Brexiteer set out a positive vision for the post-Brexit UK as she promised to regain control of the country’s borders and rebalance politics to address the concerns of ordinary working people.

In a buoyant speech Mrs Leadsom promised to build a society based on “aspiration, tolerance and hope” and rebuffed attempts by Labour figures including Tony Blair and David Lammy to overturn the referendum result, defiantly insisting: “The United Kingdom will leave the European Union.”

The energy minister offered a number of policy proposals for Britain’s immediate future, including triggering Article 50 as soon as possible, introducing transitional border controls as soon as negotiations start and tax cuts for the poorest in society.

And telling people “we haven’t lost our sense, we’ve just rediscovered our freedom” she maintained a pledge made during the campaign to plough “billions more” into the NHS once the UK stops contributing to Brussels coffers.

Mrs Leadsom was met with a standing ovation following a sparkling performance at the launch of her leadership campaign in central London, during which she hailed the June 23rd vote as a “great moment in history” that will improve Britain and Europe for good.

In a line borrowed straight from her struggling rival Michael Gove she vowed to “guide us to the sunlit uplands” outside the EU, which she accused of “holding back” the potential of the British people.


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