Independent traders take to the streets for new initiative.

MORE than 15 independent shop owners and restaurateurs took to the streets of Banbury to pilot a new initiative.

Traders were encouraged to set up stalls in the old town and sell their wares to passers-by.

The day, referred to as the town’s first Street Trading Saturday, was meant to act as a link between the year’s two Old Town parties.

Naomi Perkins, who owns Naomi’s Cafe in Bridge Street but set up in Old Town for the day earlier this month, said: “It was a bit showery on the day so we got rained on a few times, but it was a good opportunity to do some networking and see familiar faces in a different setting.

“It is important that as independent traders we take to the streets and interact with the town and community as much as possible, as it is the personal touch that sets us apart from the multinational companies.

“Street trading is fun and brings life to the streets of Banbury. It is also good for business.

“The feedback was good from the passing customers too. We’re looking forward to doing it again in the future.”

Jolyon New, at Buywise local appliance and furniture retailers in Parsons Street, said: “I loved the buzz of the Old Town Party and want to try and help re-create that atmosphere.

“I think doing something different is what makes independent retailers stand out.”

Read more: Independent traders take to the streets for new initiative (From The Oxford Times)


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