The feline fight for Downing Street

Larry and Palmerston face-off to be the top cat of No 10
Simmering feud between Larry and Palmerston shows no sign of abating
Larry made a triumphant return to No 10 this week after their latest fight
The Foreign Office cat attempted to sneak into the PM’s home yesterday
Palmerston later came face-to-face with his arch enemy Larry, the PM’s cat
Both pets have been brought into departments to keep mice and rats at bay


Eye balling one another across Downing Street like two boxers in a ring, the simmering feline feud between Larry and Palmerston shows no sign of abating.

The two cats faced off in their ongoing battle to be top cat in the corridors of power.

Larry, the Downing Street cat, made a triumphant return to the corridors of power after a bruising bout with his arch enemy from the Foreign Office.

That scuffle saw the brown and white tabby suffer an injured right paw following a feisty brawl with Palmerston.

Three days earlier, a scrap between the cats turned vicious when the territorial Foreign Office moggy attacked Larry when he tried to enter the grounds of the department.

Mischievous Palmerston – named after the former Foreign Minister and Prime Minister – took the opportunity to try and sneak past the famous door of Number 10 and into the new home of Theresa May.

But the black and white cat was spotted by a security guard who quickly grabbed him and unceremoniously dumped him outside on the pavement.

Palmerston then came face to face with Larry again and the pair had a small stand-off before he padded back home to ponder his next move…….


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