Should this be May’s Brexit blueprint?


The Brexit blueprint Theresa May needs to follow

Shanker Singham, CapX

The omens are good for fans of free trade – Donald Trump wants to get a deal done “very quickly”, and Theresa May appears to be leaning towards a version of Brexit that gives us the freedom to do so. The truth is that there is a genuine dividend available from Brexit – but only if we ensure, in our negotiations with the EU, that we do not take the right kind of deal off the table.

Obama leaves the world a more dangerous place

Edward Lucas, CapX

As Barack Obama prepares to leave office, what does his foreign policy legacy look like? Obama may have aimed to reset America’s place in the world, but instead he dislodged it. He misread threats from Russia, abdicated responsibility in the Middle East and snubbed traditional allies. As a consequence, after eight years of Obama’s foreign policy, America is weaker on the global stage and its rivals are stronger.

Why Oxfam is getting it so wrong on poverty

Tim Worstall, CapX

It’s that time of year when Oxfam wheels out its traditional report on wealth – arguing that the rich have too much and the poor too little, so we need to take from one and give to the other. But the truth is that we need more billionaires, not fewer. Extreme poverty has fallen because of the value-creating power of the free market – and the gains accrued by entrepreneurial individuals are dwarfed by the wider prosperity their firms create.

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