Michael Howard is right, Gibraltar is ours and PM should do anything to defend it!

Maggie Thatcher went to war with Argentina when British sovereign land was under threat, so why shouldn’t Theresa May be prepared to do anything to defend Gibraltar? Former Tory leader Michael Howard said at the weekend that the PM would show the same resolve that Thatcher showed 35 years ago over the Falklands, and I say good on her! I have been to Gibraltar many times, and the people are more patriotic about the UK than most people in Britain! I got the views of locals on the diplomatic row that’s erupted between us and Spain. I spoke to Chris Peach, a listener who lives in the territory, and Andy Hunter, owner of The Lord Nelson pub as well as several other businesses in Gibraltar.

What is it that gives the Spanish the right to think that they can bully us over Gibraltar? I’m guessing they’re not planning on giving up the Canary Islands any time soon! Maybe it’s because we don’t have enough politicians who are prepared to talk tough about this. Politicians like William Dartmouth MEP, UKIP MEP for South-West England, which includes Gibraltar. He’s been in Gibraltar over the weekend, so I spoke to him live from Spain to get his thoughts. William was clear: no matter what Madrid thinks, Gibraltar is, and must remain, British!


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