Jeremy Corbyn asked five times to condemn IRA violence

The UK Labour Party leader is asked repeatedly by Stephen Nolan if he will condemn violent acts carried out by the IRA.

Release date: 8 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn (along with John McDonnell) was among those on the Left who gave critical support to the Provisional IRA “against British Imperialism”. He may, in the leftist parlance of the time, not have agreed with some of their methods but they were deserving of solidarity. Now this is being dishonestly dressed up as Corbyn being ahead of his time and helping to bring about the peace process by talking to the Republicans.

This refusal to face what Corbyn’s views actually were could be a major factor in destroying the Labour vote in many parts of the country (eg Birmingham, and Warrington to take the obvious examples).

For those who are willing to take the time, I suggest you read the articles in the Daily Telegraph and the Spectator.

To summarise, Jeremy Corbyn was on the editorial board of “London Labour Briefing” (LLB) in the 80’s. After the Brighton bombing in 1984, LLB ran an editorial condemning it. Cue an angry reaction from readers and the next editorial ran an apology for the condemnation and re-emphasized its support for Sinn Fein and the IRA.

In May 1987, the Sunday Express ran a front page story where it said Jeremy Corbyn stood for a minute’s silence for eight IRA members who had been killed by the British Army in Ireland.

Afterwards he was quoted as saying, “I’m happy to commemorate all those who died fighting for an independent Ireland.” The meeting had been organised by the “Wolfe Tone Society” which was set up in London in 1984 to support Sinn Fein and its policies, including support for the IRA.

Here’s how I picture that might look on a Conservative Party billboard in a General Election campaign.

Imagine that billboard in Birmingham or in Warrington during the General Election campaign. Imagine it throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. In Scotland and elsewhere sectarian and political tensions would be dangerously stoked up.

Would the Conservative Party be at fault for publishing such a poster? NO.

The Conservative Party want to win and they are perfectly entitled to use all legitimate political means to achieve that end.

Highlighting Jeremy Corbyn’s backing for the IRA would be part of that.

The blame for such a poster being published would lie entirely with Jeremy Corbyn and all of his supporters who know his views and history regarding the IRA and back him for Labour leader. I would also blame those prominent supporters (particularly Trade Union leaders) who have heard these accusations but either don’t want to investigate the truth of the matter or know the truth and want a quiet life.

Michael Howard is right, Gibraltar is ours and PM should do anything to defend it!

Maggie Thatcher went to war with Argentina when British sovereign land was under threat, so why shouldn’t Theresa May be prepared to do anything to defend Gibraltar? Former Tory leader Michael Howard said at the weekend that the PM would show the same resolve that Thatcher showed 35 years ago over the Falklands, and I say good on her! I have been to Gibraltar many times, and the people are more patriotic about the UK than most people in Britain! I got the views of locals on the diplomatic row that’s erupted between us and Spain. I spoke to Chris Peach, a listener who lives in the territory, and Andy Hunter, owner of The Lord Nelson pub as well as several other businesses in Gibraltar.

What is it that gives the Spanish the right to think that they can bully us over Gibraltar? I’m guessing they’re not planning on giving up the Canary Islands any time soon! Maybe it’s because we don’t have enough politicians who are prepared to talk tough about this. Politicians like William Dartmouth MEP, UKIP MEP for South-West England, which includes Gibraltar. He’s been in Gibraltar over the weekend, so I spoke to him live from Spain to get his thoughts. William was clear: no matter what Madrid thinks, Gibraltar is, and must remain, British!


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Dear Ian Gillies Bell

Parliament debated the petition you signed – “Donald Trump should make a State Visit to the United Kingdom.”

Watch the debate:

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Week In Westminster 26/11/2016

Paul Waugh of the Huffington Post looks behind the scenes at Westminster.

The gloomy economic climate makes it difficult to see how the government can help those who ” just about manage”. What prospects of change do the measures in the autumn statement offer them?

And what goes on behind the scenes at the Treasury when such fiscal events are staged?

Plus what is the constitutional importance of Article 50 shortly to be ruled on by the Supreme Court, and a former British Ambassador to France on diplomacy in the new world of Brexit and President Elect Donald Trump.

The Editor is Marie Jessel.