LibDem Leader Tim Farron has pledged that he would open the door to an additional 50,000 Syrian refugees, estimated to cost around £4.3 billion.

Whilst there is no doubt that many Christians in the region who have been massively persecuted by jihadists do deserve our help, the sheer volume is totally unrealistic.

Let’s not forget, the LibDems own research has shown that 35,000 people in Britain have been waiting more than 10 years for social housing, with 100,000 waiting 5 years or more.

Would Farron and the LibDems put Syrians ahead of those 100,000?

Yet again it seems that rather than charity starting at home, virtue-signalling by the establishment takes priority. Instead of mass migration, and a mass influx of Syrian refugees, isn’t it about time this country got its own people housed first?


When’s the last time you saw a patriotic Labour MP out on the streets waving the Union Jack flag or Saint George’s Cross? No, us neither.

There is one flag that Labour seem to have no problem waving around however: the EU flag. Somebody should tell them that we’re leaving?

Rupa Huq was out campaigning in Ealing with Labour activists, happy to wave around the flag of a club that the country just rejected.

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Shame they aren’t so passionate about waving the British flag. Speaks volumes.