An important message


The last few days have been some of the most difficult that we have faced as a nation. All acts of terrorism are cowardly attacks on innocent people, but the attack in Manchester stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice.

We experienced the worst of humanity in Manchester, but we also saw the best. The cowardice of the attacker met the bravery of the emergency services and the people of Manchester. The attempt to divide us met countless acts of kindness that brought people closer together. And in the days ahead, those must be the things we remember.

As I said on the steps of Number 10, our country and our way of life will always prevail. And in just under two weeks’ time millions of us will go to the polls, exercising our democratic right to vote.

Our local campaigns resumed yesterday – and our national campaign today. Our candidates and volunteers will be knocking on doors across the country, talking to voters about the issues facing Britain.

If you’d like to help too, you can make calls at one of our calling centres, or from the comfort of your own home – every call will make a difference.

Thank you for your support – and for making Britain what it is today.

Rt Hon. Theresa May MP

Theresa May
Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party

Forward, Together

Today the Conservative Party launched a manifesto for Britain’s future. It is a manifesto to see us through Brexit and beyond – and a plan for a stronger, fairer, more prosperous Britain.

The next five years are the most challenging that Britain has faced in your lifetime. Brexit will define us: our place in the world, our economic security and our future prosperity.

So now more than ever, Britain needs a strong and stable government to get the best Brexit deal for our country and its people. Now more than ever, Britain needs strong and stable leadership to make the most of the opportunities Brexit brings for hardworking families. And now more than ever, Britain needs a clear plan.

The manifesto – called Forward, Together – will meet the great challenges of our time, beyond Brexit.

You can read it here.

With this plan and with a strong hand through Brexit, we will build a stronger, fairer, more prosperous Britain, that works for everyone:

A higher National Living Wage and proper rights and protections at work
Capping rip-off energy bills and keeping taxes low
A good school place for every child, with more money for schools every year
The chance to own a home, with more affordable housing
The first ever proper plan to pay for and provide social care
So please – join us on this journey. Come with us as Theresa may leads Britain.

Strengthen her hand as she fights for Britain. Stand with us as she delivers for Britain.

And let us all go forward together.