Across The Pond: Is US Southern culture being “ethnically cleansed”?

Should we leave controversial statues and memorials where they are, should we put them in a museum or should we tear them down?

We’ve already had the #RhodesMustFall argument in Britain, and now in the US there’s a massive row over Civil War-era memorials and monuments. A statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in New Orleans has been taken down, sparking a massive debate over the legacy of that period. Is Confederate pride a sign of white supremacy or just Southern heritage?

One of the groups challenging the taking down of the statue is the League of the South, a Southern nationalist organisation that the Southern Poverty Law Centre has described as a Neo-Confederate hate group. Jon spoke to their president Michael Hill, and he said that the South is being ethnically cleansed of white culture! Is he right, or is he a racist?

The Confederacy was an evil institution built on African American slavery, but does that mean we need to tear down all of the statues commemorating its leaders?

Jon spoke to Quess Moore, founding member of #TakeThemDown New Orleans, who campaign to take down memorials from the Civil War era. Quess told him that you wouldn’t let a school named after Adolf Hitler stand, but then he said that New Orleans is a “black city”. Isn’t that the language of segregation? There was a falling out and he hung up, but who was right, him or Gaunty?

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